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Errorrhythm & Gary Barking - Meadow

Gary’s back, and this time he’s brought a friend.

Errorrhythm and Gary Barking come correct with a tasty slice of breakbeat pie they call Meadow. It begins with sun drenched pads, off-kilter vocals and a pulsing kick drum, before stumbling into a steady half-time rhythm. Breaks dotted about the outskirts of the field hint at the beautifully crafted jungle drop that awaits at the halfway mark.

125 ups the energy with a hectic homage to the memory of Smith Street’s finest drinking hole. A tale of three halves, the track opens on thick breaks and euphoric synths before descending into amen chaos and coming out the other side with a riff that would feel right at home in a British field in 1991. Fun, filthy and unpredictable - like a night at Grumpy’s.

Errorrhythm wraps things up with an introspective 140 bpm interpretation of 125. Masterful vibe manipulation twists the original’s frantic break edits into an introspective soul-search, built for the 6am crowd who are beginning to confront the inevitability of their impending sobriety. Meditative sub bass frequencies to heal the tortured soul. a. Errorrhythm & Gary Barking - Meadow

b1. Gary Barking - 125

b2. Gary Barking - 125 (Errorrhythm Remix) [DETR014]

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