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Building and growing your underground music community networks in the UK

In the early days of Djing, the first step in building networks and making yourself known to the community was to show up at your local record shop, have a dig and introduce yourself to the locals.

Fast-forward to the present day, with the advent of social media; we can launch our careers, order tunes, upload mixes, drop a DJ page into a group and make connections en-masse without leaving the house.

Yet, even with a plethora of technology and tools at our fingertips, the experience of making a face-to-face connection with fellow DJs and producers still can't be beaten - enter community events, such as the Clashmouth Drum & Bass Market for the ultimate gathering.


"Beginning life as a private Facebook group, Clashmouth is a place for D&B promoters & record labels (small and large) to share their forthcoming event information with the aim of preventing big clashes. The Clashmouth Drum and Bass Label Market was the next step to add a little more unity to the community." ~ Jack Carr, In-Reach Magazine.


Following their vision of a thriving music community and thrilled by the honour of contributing to Record Store Day ( ), Detrimental Audio joined in the fun at the Clashmouth Drum & Bass Market. Setting up a stall and donating releases, the Detrimental Audio crew had a tonne of fun with old friends while making new ones, enriching their music network and adding unity into the community:

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