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Bobs your dad trust.

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

It was early 2020 when Gary Barking took his first uncertain steps into the world. At this point the world ground to an abrupt halt and forced him back into his sunless South East London dwelling. Armed with but a few synths, a laptop and a dream, Gary got busy crafting the sort of music that would dominate top 40 charts and capture the hearts of tweens the world over. Failing that, the sort that his estranged aunt might pretend to enjoy out of politeness.

Bob’s Your Dad fits firmly in the latter category. A twisted homage to the hedonism of 90’s rave culture, the track is built on a rigid foundation of 4/4 kicks and crackling break edits. Abrasive tonal shifts, chipmunk vocals and overly abundant mentasms are par for the course as Gary’s personal insecurities manifest in five-and-a-half minutes of unbridled, yet somewhat cheerful, chaos.

The spoonful of sugar to this particularly bitter medicine comes in the form of a steppy little toe-tapper called Trust. Timely political musings accompany a classic dubstep bass line that rolls out at a tempo more commonly associated with jungle. Bleeps and breaks skitter in and out of the mix as the track trundles along to meditative effect, held steady by off-beat piano chords and plenty of reverb. Bob Ross once said you should “do something every day that makes you happy.” Listening to this track might just be today’s something. Bob’s Your Dad is available now on Bandcamp, and soon on whatever other platform you inexplicably prefer.

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